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SEO Checker performs an audit of your Website's SEO and provides easy to follow recommendations.
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A detailed SEO Report

Easy to follow recommendations in seconds

SEO Checker analyses a number of important SEO ranking indicators such as on page HTML, site performance and social to name a few. An easy to understand report is generated with instructions and links to tools that can help you.

Get insights on your competitor's SEO

Beat the competition

Are your competitors consistently ranking higher than you on search engine results?

Use a SEO Checker analysis to understand what your competitors are doing differently - is it on page, backlinks or social presence? Optimise your page to beat them.

White Labeled PDF Reports

Coming soon in premium!

Do you have clients or partners that could use an SEO Checker Report? SEO Checker will soon allow you to create custom PDF reports with your own title content, logo and branding.

Additionally you'll have access to a dashboard where you can access all your recent searches, generated reports and track the progress of SEO website improvements.

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More tools to help you

So you've run our SEO report, what next?

SEO optimisation has many facets. SEO Checker provides a range of granular tools to help look at specific SEO areas.

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